Es tut mir leid…the week flew past and I completely forgot to post my most recent post!I’m a day late, but don’t hold that against me. Please check it out below:

Today I pulled on my jeans, as usual, but this time I had to pull them on a little harder, and wiggle a little more to get them on. It was simultaneously a reminder that I’ve been skipping more than a few workouts since the weather turned cold ( isn’t there just something about cold weather that makes you lazy?) and that I have been eating WELL and often these first few weeks in Germany. I decided to focus less on the suspect tightness of my jeans and on the good food instead.

So this post is for my food lovers–a recap of some of the delicious eats I’ve had in the last three weeks.


Two for one drinks at one of my favorite new restaurants. Two for me,  two for you.



In the midst of all the meat and potatoes I’ve been eating,  a rare attempt at a health lunch–a huge salad of mixed greens, turkey, corn, and vegetables.




Steak, medium, topped with a garlic and onion butter and a side of Swabian cheese spaetzle.





One of the best things I’ve eaten recently. A  regular, absolutely no special occasion, Tuesday lunch that turned out to be besonderous good. Schnitzel and gravy with potatoes sprinkled with salt and rosemary, all  from a small cafe walking distance from work.  The food was ridiculously good.




Another lunch meal–do I want soup or salad? I think I’ll have both! A small shrimp and steak salad, tomato soup with fresh baked bread, and a bottle of still water for lunch. It’s from Vapianos, one of my favorite restaurants, and a German Italian restaurant chain.




Europe is made for loitering in cafes. One of my favorite drinks, a hot chocolate with just a splash of Baileys from Spazz.


Aloha chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun: chicken breast, tomato, onions, and pineapple.


Why study German at home when you can study German in a cafe while sipping on hot chocolate with Baileys and whipped cream? Did I mention I loved hot chocolate with Baileys?


“Belgian style” waffle topped with whipped cream and Nutella. I will say, I’ve been to Belgium and this doesn’t quite measure up, but it was delicious.


Gluhwein (a Christmastime beverage that is a cross between warm cider and sangria) with Amaretto and topped with whipped cream.


Cheers to good food and good times! (A quick snap from bottomless brunch in Amsterdam).

I head to Milan, Italy this Friday. Check back next week to see photos and stories from Italy. Like following the adventures? Check back every Wednesday to see what I’m up to!