I love desert hikes. I love them in a way that’s hard to explain to someone who’s never ventured out into the land of sun, sky, scorpions, and saguaro. The desert has  a more subtle beauty–muted greens, dusty browns. And yet, there’s something so ancient and almost untamed about the Sonaran. It’s hard to put into words, so I’m slowly working on dragging my friends out to the desert to see for themselves.

Location: Seven Falls Trail

City: Tuscon, Arizona

Hiking Companion : Myott!

We came, we saw, we forged across rivers, got lost, led others astray, refound the trail , and finally…FINALLY we made it to the trail head. Then we turned around and made our way back.

The trail was scenic and challenging, but fair warning, I would not bring beginner hikes, older hikers, or small children. The trail wasn’t clearly marked through and there were multiple water crossings.

Have you ever done the Seven Falls Trail? What did you think? What’s your favorite Arizona trail?

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