Remember that time I promised to post weekly,  but then I took two weeks off from blogging because I had to move to Germany and life got crazy?

I do! It’s what’s been happening for the last two weeks, but in my defense, I had to coordinate moving across the world, onboarding for the next stage in my career, and making sure my place was at least semi organized and filled with more than a little blue and white (#letsgoDevils).

But now I’m back.. And I live in Germany.

It still feels crazy to say, or in this case type, so bear with me as I gather my thoughts and throw them onto paper.

I’m no stranger to moving—I lived in over 8 different cities growing up, studied abroad three times in college, and have moved every year since graduation, but this move feels different. After moving twice as a “real adult,” to cities where I didn’t have any family or a large network , I am very aware of the huge difference between moving while in school and moving for work on your own.

There is so  much  time and effort that goes into finding friends, getting to know aDSC00954 city, picking your favorite spots, etc. There is a lot of alone time with just you and Netflix, awkward meetups to join, strangers to talk to, kickball leagues to play in, and eating at very bad restaurants because you don’t yet know the good ones yet, that goes into your first year in a city. I call it the building year.

After going through that process for two different cities, I was starting to like the idea of maybe staying in place for a little while. Nothing crazy, maybe two or three years. And of course as soon as I had this thought, I received an opportunity to move to Germany for a year and a half.

I’m excited and slightly terrified. I absolutely loved the time spent studying abroad, but living and making friends in a foreign country, completing your job in a different language…that’s next level immersion! I can’t to see what the next few years bring.

If you want to follow along on the adventure, feel free to check back every Wednesday for a new post. I’m headed to Amsterdam this weekend and you can also expect a post about my new town soon! This was a casual update, but to see what types of posts you can expect during my European adventures, feel free to check out some of my previous posts.