Hello there and welcome to my blog—a tiny glimpse into my world. I am a collector of experiences, stories, photographs, and fleeting moments, and this is my place to display them.

Initially, I hesitated to start a blog. A twenty-something with a blog. Original. I know.

But although there may be other twenty-something with blogs…There may be other travel blogs.. There may be other blogs focused on sharing stories of different people.  None of them are mine.

My blog may never reach mass popularity, but the other day I read words that perfectly summed up my philosophy towards writing and blogging:

I would be happy being…. the right words right when someone needs to hear them. Or more likely, in the digital/space age, maybe some other species will stumble across this blog as radio waves move through space. They won’t understand the words. But they will know, that somewhere and somewhen, somebody looked around at the world they inhabited and tried to communicate that world for others to see. And that is a type of immortality I can live with.”

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I’ve been in love with travel and adventure since long before I had the means to plan them for myself .I  had to rely on the words of others to fuel the imagination. I read and dreamed of my future adventures. Now, that I have the freedom and means to make those dreams a reality, I love the idea of capturing them and sharing them with others—to inspire, to fuel dreams, or maybe give another adventurer their next trip idea.

Welcome to my world—feel free to stay a while! Come back every Wednesday to see a new post and follow along on my adventures.